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Review Date: 21st of March 2019 Date of Visit: March 24, 2019
Author: Richard Looks: 10 out of 10 Performance: 10 out of 10
Really friendly, no awkward moments.Made me feel relaxed.Very down to earth.I had a fantastic time with a very attentive and caring young lady.I will be going back.
Review Date: 7th of December 2017 Date of Visit: December 3, 2017
Author: Blleki Looks: 10 out of 10 Performance: 10 out of 10
2nd time in about a month with Zuza. (And I'm not one who normally repeats with the same girl.) She opened the door before I could even knock, which is always nice, and then stepped out from behind the door wearing her gold see-thru metal dress.. which teases you with her exquisite body. A welcome hug, and some small talk while I placed the donation and washed my hands. I brought her some chocolate which she liked ********** had some last time she was in town). She engulfed me, and then we ************ I just have one wish ....I would love to goto Burning Man with her! (she makes her own outfit)
Review Date: 22nd of November 2017 Date of Visit: November 2, 2017
Author: SneakySteve Looks: 10 out of 10 Performance: 10 out of 10
Some weeks ago i met this pretty lady. The agency recommended Zuza and i did not regret it for a second. She has a very communicative personality, It was very easy to connect quickly. After some small talk, we went to action. She started giving head, A very intense and deep. I could not resist too long and i blasted out my first load. For return i went down on her - a loud orgasm was her sign of gratitude.Very tasty. Had a break and when i was set again she slipped on me for a good GFE in varous positions. the profile and the pictures are truly authentic. Full Service, full recommendation for my hot ZUZA !
Review Date: 27th of September 2016 Date of Visit: September 12, 2016
Author: BJJ Looks: 10 out of 10 Performance: 10 out of 10
WOW i met Zuza today all i can say STUNNING, legs and body to die for! but not only that very chatty charming young lady, puts you at ease the moment she opens the door, will be seeing you soon, thank you for a lovely time x
Review Date: 31st of August 2016 Date of Visit: August 23, 2016
Author: ed Looks: 10 out of 10 Performance: 10 out of 10
Probably the most attractive eyes I've ever seen. She's tall, fit, beautiful... Definitely the kind of girl that you'll stare at if you meet her on the street.The best you can ask for. She's fun, talkative and enthusiastic. I enjoyed my time talking to her almost as much as I enjoyed the action. Highly recommended.