An image of an escort from Secret-ModelsWe know that some of you guys have girlfriends and wives. We don’t judge you. You like London escorts too, that’s cool with us. Your reasons are your own. But we’re not going to let you forget the special one in your life at Christmas time!

That wouldn’t be right would it? You work real hard and choose your rewards in the form of a London escort or two, so why should she go without her little treats? Who knows, she’s probably getting friendly with your gardener! We’re kidding you of course, just pulling your leg! So our advice? Our advice is to start getting your shopping organised now!

Pay attention

Pay attention to what she points out on the adverts, or if you go out window shopping, make sure you make a mental note of what she likes, and she doesn’t. If you can show her that you’ve listened, it’s not going to be about what you spend on her. Even the simplest of things will bring her a massive amount of pleasure, if you’ve listened to her.

Christmas is closer than you think

And don’t waste time gentlemen! Christmas is literally weeks away and there’s nothing you can do about it. Those delivery vans are shooting all over the country, but there’s only so many of them available you know and delivery slots and estimates get rarer the closer you get to the big day. Don’t be left out in the cold this Christmas with nothing for the special woman in your life. How would you live with yourself, knowing you’ve had your Christmas escort treat, and she’s had to settle with whatever you can find at Argos!

Speaking of escorts

Speaking of London escorts, you need to know that some of the girls go home for the holidays. They’ll be flying off at all different times, so if you have a favourite, or there’s one you have yet to see, it might be a good idea to arrange your visits now rather than wait until a few days before Christmas when they may not be available.

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