Stay warm with London escorts this autumn

A truly impeccable photograph of one of the London escorts from Secret-ModelsThat beautiful summer has now ended gentlemen. We know, it’s lamentable to say the least. Especially since it didn’t seem to last that long. But there’s no need to be sad, we have a bevy of London escorts demanding your attention. They will be sure to keep you warm as the temperature starts to drop in London.

The dark nights are coming

Aren’t these wonderful nights for escorting? You guys love having a drink in the pub after work and then pretending to your friends that you are going home, only to walk around the corner in the dark and get your phone out. And we know that you’re looking for London escorts nearby. This is why we’re called Secret Models for goodness sake, we specialise in the most secret girls in the city!

More London escorts are arriving

As an agency, we like the autumn because many of the escorts we had disappearing for their holidays to see family in the summer, are now returning. This bolsters the ranks at Secret Models and makes us, and our clients, very happy indeed. More choice means more bookings! Autumn is also a prime time for new girls to come over before the weather gets too cold. The girls like to get themselves settled in London before Christmas and New Year. They like to go shopping in London before it’s all icy and cold!

Make yourself a wish list

Here’s a little tip for you this autumn. Because there are so many London escorts to choose from, and more and more coming in all the time, you are able to make a list. Pick your favourite five girls. It’s always a good idea because you’ve always got a “back-up,” so to speak, when you call the agency to make a booking. That way you’re never disappointed and you never have to go to another agency. You can stick with the one you know and trust. Heaven knows it’s hard to find a good one these days.

Speaking of new London escorts

If you’re the type of gentleman that enjoys seeing the new girls, fresh off the plane, be sure to check out our “New Escorts” gallery. We only ever put the very latest additions in here, and you have plenty to choose from at the moment. Blonde, brunette, short, tall, busty or slim. If you can’t find an attractive woman on that page, you probably need to question your sexuality and look at a different type of website!

Here ends our autumn tips!

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