secret escortsWe are called Secret Models after all, so we really do know what we’re talking about when it comes to secret escorts. All the girls are models, yes, but they’re all very professional companions who know how to conduct themselves in an appropriate way.

When we say “appropriate,” we mean a variety of ways. First and foremost is their level of discretion. The reason we are the most discreet agency in London is because we represent only the most professional and experienced secret escorts. Those who do not make a big deal about their careers and tell everyone. Also those who don’t live in parts of the city where many people are likely to be concerning themselves with who is coming and going etc.

Professionalism comes first with secret escorts

The girls we represent will not concern themselves with your private life, nor will they expect you to concern yourself with theirs. They are experts at their chosen career and realise the importance of keeping a professional distance, whilst still being able to deliver a wonderful companionship service that you’re going to adore.

When one of these London escorts comes to your hotel, she will be inconspicuous and efficient. There will be no messing about getting to your room and making herself known to you. She won’t bother hotel staff or draw any unwanted attention to herself whatsoever. No-one would know who she is going to see anyway. If you go out with one of these young women, you can count on them behaving just like your girlfriend, perfectly naturally and convincing.

Our privacy policy

Not only do we make sure that all the girls at Secret Models are discreet and professional, but we also ensure that we deal with your information in an appropriate manner. In short, we do not keep any information you provide us with when it comes to your booking. The basic information we need when taking a booking is: your telephone number, a name, a location. There isn’t much more to it than that. And if you’re booking an incall, we don’t even need your name, just your number in order to send the booking confirmation message.

When your booking is concluded and everything has gone according to plan, we simply delete all your information. Nothing is stored. We have no need to contact you once your booking is finished, and we would advise you not to give out any contact information to any of our secret escorts. They’re not likely to take it anyway!