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Be better in the bedroom!

London escortsWe all want to be the next Ron Jeremy, but it’s simply not going to happen. You want to be a porn star in the bedroom, but you’re not. That’s fine, welcome to the real world. The vast majority of those guys rely on blue pills to keep them up and banging away anyway, so don’t beat yourself up too much! However, we do have some advice for you about being better in bed, courtesy of our very own London escorts would you believe!

Hygiene is everything! With London escorts too by the way!

Alright, pay attention to everything! Not just your armpits and your breath! You need to make sure your fingernails are clean too. Can you imagine how she feels about you putting your hands “down there,” when you have dirty fingernails? It’s not going to be very pleasant is it? And here’s a point worth making, and has been made by one of our London escorts actually at Secret-Models, when a girl sees dirty fingernails, it makes her think about what else might be dirty!


Don’t tell her how good you are at this and that, before you get to the bedroom. It’s not a turn on to women at all. If she’s telling you about how good she is at blowjobs, this is a different matter of course. This is because it works for men! Simple! Besides, if you get to the bedroom and you’re not what you said you would be, it’s going to be a massive disappointment!

Do some work!

There’s lots you can be doing in bed, so don’t just lay there and expect her to pleasure you. You should mix it up a little. You get some pleasure, she gets some pleasure etc. It’s not rocket science guys!

Get the oral right

If you are going to attempt oral sex on your girl, get it right. Our London escorts have some good advice for you where this is concerned. If she likes it, she’ll be making all the right noises, if she goes quiet, you should probably stop. Going down on a woman isn’t something everyone can do well. When you do it for too long it’s a massive turn off, and when you don’t do it long enough it’s a massive disappointment. Let her lead the way.

Speak up!

Well, not necessarily speak. It’s not all about talking. Sometimes she needs to hear how happy she’s making you, or how happy you are doing a certain activity. It’s actually a turn off not to hear a man making a noise. In fact, you might even creep her out if you’re too quiet and disconnected!

Now… Don’t say that we never teach you anything. Take what you’ve learned here today and make good use of it! Have fun!

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