One of our bustiest escorts from Secret-ModelsYes, we’re talking about busty escorts today, you guessed it! You would be amazed at just how many men book busty escorts because they’re curious. And they don’t really know what to do with a woman like this!

We don’t mean to make it sound like they’re dolls or anything. You don’t have to “do” anything with your escort. What we mean is that they don’t really know how to behave. It’s actually quite amusing for some of the girls with really big boobs. They think that the men they date look like scared rabbits when they see them for the first time. They find it so hard to keep their eyes off their boobs, as if their escort really minded about that. It’s more than likely the case that the escort in questions has presented herself so that her client gets to see her dressed in the most breast flattering way anyway.

Don’t be afraid of busty escorts

So don’t be afraid to look gentlemen! We don’t mean sit across the table from them at dinner, simply staring at their boobs of course. Just don’t be afraid to admire the woman you’re with. Especially if you’re alone together in her incall apartment or your hotel room. You’ve booked a girl with big boobs for a reason, so appreciate her for goodness sake! They don’t mind you looking. They go to a lot of effort to present themselves.

Imagine how they feel!

Imagine for a moment how these big boobed young women feel every single day when they have to present their massive boobs in a particular outfit. They have to get all dressed up and meet a client at a hotel or restaurant, knowing that they have to look fabulous. Not only knowing that, but also that they’re going to be ogled all the time on their way. Even when they show up at your hotel, they’re going to attract attention. It’s a good thing that these young busty escorts are professional and know how to handle all the extra attention. Just take a look at some of the girls in the busty escorts gallery for a moment, you’ll see the ones we’re talking about. Why not book one of them and see if you can keep your eyes on her face whilst you talk to her!