escortsAs many of the escorts in London vanish for the festive season, back to Russia or various parts of Eastern Europe, we are very pleased to inform you that Secret Models have quite a number of girls staying here in the city for Christmas. So why not make their Christmas as special as they’re going to make yours?

From we are really lucky actually. Because we have no control whatsoever over who stays and who goes, we could have been in a lot of trouble. Practically every girl could have disappeared for Christmas. On top of this massive good fortune, when we took a look through the list, we realised that we still have practically every category covered! Ever location too! And if that wasn’t enough, we also have a price range for everyone too! This really surprised us. So, it doesn’t matter if you want busty London escorts, escorts in Bayswater, or girls that are strictly on £150; you can take your pick.

Multiple choice

Even though we have a good representation of girls across all our categories, we are still a little “thin on the ground,” of course. We’re not exempt from the Christmas holidays! So, we’re asking you to choose more than one girl before you make your call to book. This way, if you choose girls that you like equally, you won’t be disappointed if one of more of them are either unavailable, or have otherwise decided to jet off home. After all, we cannot possibly predict what happens at this time of year.

Have it your way

And it is Christmas after all, so don’t hold back with your requests, requirements or anything else for that matter. We can only say “no” can’t we, and the girls can only say the same, so keep your festive spirit and share it with us at Secret Models. We’re happy to make you happy and we are positive that the girls feel exactly the same!